Pyrford Cricket Club is central to Pyrford village life. The Club has a friendly mens and womens team and a thriving Colts section, ably run by our team of qualified coaches and volunteer parents who help out season in and season out. The clubhouse provides the perfect backdrop for an idyllic day's cricket serving beverages and food.


Fundraising for essential clubhouse repairs.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has made a donation on our justgiving page so far, the response has been amazing and we are so grateful!

The link below details the essential repair work required to the clubhouse, so if you can make a donation, no matter how small, it would be greatly appreciated!


The following guidelines apply to the whole of the Pyrford Cricket Club (PCC) and their aim is to ensure the safety of players, coaches, volunteers and other visitors to the club.

They are written in conjunction with the advice received from the ECB which set out a roadmap detailing how clubs should approach returning to play recreational cricket following UK Government advice.

The following guidance must be adhered to at all times when visiting the Club to ensure the social distancing rules are applied.  If this guidance is not adhered to, the coaches and the management of PCC have the authority to ask you to leave the premises for the safety of others and themselves.

What cricket are you allowed to play?

Currently under the ECB’s phased plan for the return of recreational cricket, PCC can allow for groups of 6 players including a coach to train at one time.

Accessing the Club

  • Please follow the Government guidelines on travel when making journeys to and from the club.
  • Avoid congregating by the entrance to the clubhouse/nets and maintain your 2 metre distance at all times.
  • Only travel to the club if you have a confirmed session booked and arrive at the time of your booking, not before. If you arrive early please wait in the car park.
  • A gap of 5 minutes will operate between sessions to avoid to many people gathering during session cross-overs.
  • A parent / guardian is required to remain on site at all times and should follow the 2 metre social distancing rules. If you require seating please bring a fold-up chair.
  • Only players and coaches will be allowed on the field and there should be no spectators gathering on the field or near the nets (except one supervising parent / guardian per player).

 Health, Safety and Hygiene

  • Please ensure appropriate hand hygiene measures are followed before, during and after arriving each coaching session.
  • Hand sanitising gel will be available but we strongly encourage you to bring your own.
  • Entry to the Club House is prohibited; there will be no toilet or changing facilities available.
  • All players must wear suitable clothing for cricket.
  • Bring your own water bottle(s), there will not be any facilities available to provide water or refill bottles.
  • Equipment must not be shared between players and coaches; nor will equipment be lent by the Club unless you have been specifically told that the club is lending you kit (with the exception of balls/cones; please see below).
  • Please bring the minimum amount of equipment/kit with you and arrive ready to play and take all your belongings away at the end of your session.
  • Any clothing or equipment left on the premises will be removed safely and disposed of.
  • Please do not come to the Club if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, are self-isolating or living with individuals that are self-isolating.
  • If you exhibit any signs or symptoms in the days following your session, please ensure you inform us.
  • It is highly recommended all players / parents / guardians bring their own First Aid Kit if at all possible. 
  • In the unlikely event of an injury the coaches will assess the injury from a suitable distance.
  • As parents / guardians are remaining on site they will be asked to make a further assessment, off the field/nets if possible, and take the player home if required. It is the parent / guardians responsibility to administer any First Aid.

During coaching sessions

  • The field will be divided into zones separated by cones. Players are not permitted to cross into adjacent pitch area (zone).
  • A two metre distance between coach and player(s) should be maintained at all times.
  • Balls will be regularly disinfected between sessions as required.
  • Please refrain from touching any other equipment (such as cones, stumps  etc…). Only coaches should handle these and will ensure that these are disinfected regularly.


PCC is always very pleased to welcome new members, both playing and non-playing, and are always keen to help those interested in a coaching role, particularly parents of juniors, or those able to help in any other ways (coaching, managing teams, administration, scoring, groundwork etc.) The club is highly dependent on voluntary assistance, subscriptions, grants and donations.

Membership and subscriptions are vital to the running of the club. Costs such as running and maintaining the clubhouse, ground maintenance and repair, cricket pitch preparation, net maintenance, training equipment, external coaches, training and match balls, league registration fees, and various insurances all have to be paid to enable us to turn up at the club and enjoy the sport.

To become a full member and avail of the facilities at Pyrford Cricket Club, an annual subscription is paid in full in advance of the season. The committee have to balance the costs of running the club and making cricket accessible to as many people as possible.


Juniors subscriptions for the 2020 season:
Boys & Girls Year U6–U17 @ £140.00. 
Boys & Girls Colts first sibling U6-U17 @ £70.00 

Further siblings @ £0

Existing members have a certain period (normally until the end of January preceding the season) to register prior to new members being offered the chance to join.  Once this period has elapsed, new members can join on a first come, first served basis until the particular section is full.  Membership of the club is not granted until the annual subscription has been paid in full.

Cancellation and Refunds

No refund will be given if a player registers and then changes his or her mind – put simply, no refund will be issued in circumstances where a player is able to play but simply no longer wishes to play or if due to any other mitigating circumstances other than injury which renders the player unable to play cricket.  If long term injury stops a member playing, a refund may be considered on production of medical proof (e.g. a doctor’s note).

If the club is unable to offer cricket due to any unforeseen circumstances beyond its control, refunds are not guaranteed and will be at the sole discretion of the Club Committee.

Wet weather
We don’t have the resources to warn parents if a coaching session has to be called off because of the weather. If you are doubtful about a session being held and want to avoid an unnecessary journey to the club look on the website.

Hot weather
Junior’s should come with a cap or other headgear, cream for protection against the sun and water/soft drink in a suitable container.

Cricket helmets
The England and Wales Cricket Board has issued guidance on the wearing of helmets. As a consequence of this, the policy is that all Junior must wear helmets when batting against a hard ball or ‘standing up’ when keeping wicket against a hard ball. The Club may be able to provide helmets, but these are limited in number. Therefore, it is suggested that Juniors may wish to purchase their own helmets for the same reason they purchase other protective equipment e.g. pads, gloves.  Please also note that batsmen must also wear an abdominal protector (box).