Pyrford Cricket Club is central to Pyrford village life. The Club has a friendly mens and womens team and a thriving Colts section, ably run by our team of qualified coaches and volunteer parents who help out season in and season out. The clubhouse provides the perfect backdrop for an idyllic day's cricket serving beverages and food.


U9 WSYCL League vs. Windsor

Date: 10th May 2015


Ollie George (Capt.)
William Hargreaves
Jack Josse
Mikey van Rensburg
Oliver Mantell
Christopher Batten
Christian Challis
Oscar Balsdon

A strong Windsor Team simply ‘out-gunned’ us with both bat and ball.

The Windsor opening bowler bowled straight as an arrow and rattled the stumps three times in the first over and we never really recovered from that. Windsor had five very good strike bowlers and as they had elected to nominate one constant wicket keeper, some of these bowlers got three overs each. When we did eventually get the ball off the wicket it was often in the air and Windsor took all their catches well so we were always two steps forward and three back throughout our innings. Hitting only 2boundaries in the entire innings so we never really got on the front foot. In the end we gave up our wicket just too many times to mount a score and only got ahead of our starting score toward the end, finishing on 234 for 10.

Communication between the wickets was excellent with every player calling loudly and no suicidal run outs. Ollie G and Oliver M played good attacking shots and scored boundaries each but also knew when to drop a dead bat on the ball in the face of accurate bowling. Everyone got the ball off the square at some stage so all players were engaged in the contest.

In the field Windsor looked in control from the start despite an early wicket from Mikey coming off his long run. William’s looping right arm around the wicket was accurate and they had problems with the bounce he created (is he going to be a good leggy one day?!). Our backing up was good for the first few overs but deteriorated a little when Windsor starting getting in the driving seat. Again they had five batsman who looked composed and accomplished who knew how to wait to pick off the bad balls. There last pairing took the game away with some effortless big boundaries, ending up with a score of 309 for 4.

As the result of the game was beyond us as entered the last few overs. All eight Pryford team members got a couple of overs each to help with their personal development with the ‘developing’ bowlers all improving in their second over.

In the post match team de-brief, the players recognised that their communication was good on the day and that they had not lost the game through their own indiscipline – they had just come across a stronger side on the day who took wickets with accurate bowling.


Runs Wickets Extras Total
Ollie/William 15 6 6 -3
Oscar/Jack 12 2 6 10
Mikey/Christian 8 2 14 14
Oliver/Christopher 11 1 6 13


Overs Runs Wickets Extras Total
Ollie 2 3 2 6 1
Mikey 2 6 1 4 6
OliverM 2 13 4 17
Christian 2 19 8 27
William 2 6 1 0 2
Oscar 2 15 4 19
Jack 2 17 0 0 17
Christopher 2 8 12 20

U9 2015 Fixtures

Date Chitty League WYSCL CUP
26th April Frimley A 10:00 AM
3rd May Stoke D’abernon
Bad Weather
H 10:00 AM Frimley
Bad Weather
A 10:00 AM
8th May Epsom A 6:00 PM
10th May Valley End A 10:00 AM Windsor A 10:00 AM
17th May Royal Ascot H 10:00 AM
24th May Weybridge A 10:00 AM Valley End A 10:00 AM
31st May Camberley H 10:00 AM Weybridge H 10:00 AM
7th June Chertsey A 06:00 PM
14th June Cobham Avorians H 10:00 AM Bagshot A 10:00 AM
21st June Byfleet H 10:00 AM
28th June Weybridge Vandals H 10:00 AM
5th July Walton H 10:00 AM
6th July Chertsey A 06:00 PM
12th July Ripley H 10:00 AM
19th July Chobham H 10:00 AM
24th July Royal Ascot A 06:00 PM

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