Pyrford Cricket Club is central to Pyrford village life. The Club has a friendly mens and womens team and a thriving Colts section, ably run by our team of qualified coaches and volunteer parents who help out season in and season out. The clubhouse provides the perfect backdrop for an idyllic day's cricket serving beverages and food.


Development work at Pyrford School

In March this year builders will be errecting a crane on the cricket field in order to lift elements of the new school building into place.

They will remove part of the fence in Coldharbour road at the point where there is a gap in the trees. the contractor will need to remove part of the contouring of the bank by the road and will then install a temporary road to protect the outfield. Low loaders will them reverse onto the site and deposit their loads which will then be lifted over the fence onto foundations being built at the school. The builders [Portakabin] are in discussions with Pyrford CC [the leaseholder] and the owners of the ground [Fields in Trust]]. Assurences over repairs to the ground and perimiter fencing and compensation are being discussed and will be agreed prior to any work commencing.

Chairman’s XI Report

IMG_0001Family bonds are strong at Pear Park – generations of the Tipping clan procured and served a sumptuous feast of savouries, cakes, clotted cream & jam scones. Young and ageing generations of Roushams, George’s and Douglas’ took to the field of play, a couple of young Knowlsey’s managed the scoring (Max, thanks for keeping Luke honest!) and then there was the Chairman’s brood…….

Family Reed, fuelled with exciting thoughts of an Alaskan cruise, turned their minds from wrestling Grizzlies to thrashing willow. As was the prerogative, Roger decided family bonding was correct and so selected Tom and Will for his team, he was granted a further pro (Lippy) and then randomly pulled from the hat a number of other players. Due to a slight admin error – his team added up to 12. So the last person selected – Uncle Bill – was passed to the opposition. What a mistake that proved to be!!

Family disloyalty spurred the Uncle to take the critical wicket, his nephew Tom – and bowl four very mean overs….and then be part of the final three over successful run chase. Uncle Bill can play for me every time!

So the Dev squad featured – Roushams x3, our two pros (Martin and Walshy), and then a further selection of power and guile from the massed squad.

Roger lost the toss, and the Chairman’s XI were put in…..

Opening pair of Steve and Jon L… opening pair that have featured several times this season to great success. Their partnership provided a number of missed chances – Knowlsey spilled a scorcher from Tipping’s Gray Nicholls. Jon (2) holed out to Martin at mid on ( having been dropped by Roush Snr earlier) before Martin then switched to bowler and got Steve (26) caught by Chocolate smudge. Then arrived the key partnership that could have brought a mammoth first innings lead. Lippy (41) and Tom (6). Tom was well caught by Jaap, bowled by his jubilant Uncle. The crunch wicket of Lippy fell to a straight ball by Ollie Roush. A few more drops by JG and John M kept the score to a sporting total. Then came one of my more memorable wickets… Will R (17) made a great partnership with Lippy before succumbing to our secret 9 year old bowler Ollie G – who once more finished with the figures of two overs two runs one wicket. More batsman came, contributed and lost wickets. Tristan (12), JP (6) hit wicket thanks to the cap wearing feature of Simon’s three overs. Anthony (6), came and went, run out by sharp fielding and keeping by Walshy. Roger and Peter sedately moved through the final few overs in Tavarésque fashion. The total coming to 136 for 9, with Bruce not batting.

Catches win matches, but thankfully for the Dev XI, missed catches also seem to win matches!!! But did make it a very close affair…… Read on.

Wickets fell to Ollie R, Martin, Will Roush, Ollie G, Bill, John M and Simon…plus a couple of run outs. Pick of the bowlers – Bill and Ollie G

Second innings

Diamond duck to Will Roush having spoofed and lost for facing first ball with his brother. JP claimed his only scalp, well held at first slip by the juggling Tipping. Ollie Roush (30) with his split trousers partnered Jonathan G (16) really well to a decent 47 run partnership. Tristan then bowled Jonathan G with a block hole ball, heralding the entrance of Gladiator Knowles (4) more at home with a spear than a bat, he swiped ball 1 to the boundary, and then heard his stumps scattered by ball 2, another wicket to Tristan. Then appeared the batting masterclass of Martin J (51no) who took the Pears Dev team home with all but one of the rest of the team. Walshy (8) hit the perfect straight drive – and then got done by a fast ball from double wicket taker Tom. Simon (0) being Tom’s second victim. Jaap (4) and John M (4) got us to needing 21 from 21balls….. Lippy and Bruce were now bowling some tight overs, but Martin controlled the strike, with Bill (2) finishing a great match with an unbeaten brace. The winning 4 was hit with 2 balls to go by the clear MVP trophy winning – Martin.

A perfect finish……. 137-9.

Tom and Tristan finished with two wickets, with Bruce, Peter, JP all getting one.

Jon L kicking the ball over the boundary was definitely the key single fielding faux pas that JG will not allow him to forget!

Thanks again to Cliff for umpiring, Rachel for masterminding the teas, Max/Luke for scoring, and everyone else for turning up and providing a close encounter.



Training Dates

The maturing of the Pears Dev XI

You might have thought that a bunch of ageing Pears had seen their finest day, but Merrow were shown the biggest demolition job in their recent history. We won by 163 runs, scoring 270 all out from 34.3 overs, and had them at 107-9 from their 35 overs.
The sweet smell of victory at last!

The team was made up of five elderly types, three 16/17/18 yr olds, and three 13/14 yr olds….due to two of the youngsters needing to leave we then managed to sub on an 11 and 9 yr old for the latter overs! Talk about developing youth, shortly we’ll be needing midwives on the boundary!

1. Three new debutants – Ben Way, Charlie Bridgewater, Matt Cooper (welcome)
2. Tipping S – a fine 62 from opener, including 11x4s
3. Reed T – a powerful 80 retired, 13×4 and a 6
4. Mitchell T – an athletic 52 retired, 6×4, and many 1s 2s and even a 3, proving age does not wither the true sprinter!
5. Rousham O – a steady 26
6. Cooper M – some power boundaries at the end for 18.
7. After dropping four dolly catches… opposition fielder called 118….due to his lanky hair, tash and headband, managed to claim Reed W’s wicket first ball! In the scorebook forever is Will Reed, Caught 118, Bowled Jones😄

8. Astonishing C&B by Rousham W
9. Diving catch by Mitchell T
10. Single wickets for Tipping R, Reed T, Rousham O and Bridgewater C.
11. Three, 3, III, drei, trois…..wickets for Tipping S

12. Throughout the game, Chairman Reed studied form and plotted his selection for two weeks time, egged on by Jonathan G, still paranoid about not being the last boy on the playground wall!

So onwards from glory, to something likely to be more gory…