Pears Dev XI vs. Chertsey

DNL070615A cricket club that was born in 1737, and made famous for being the first club to decide that a middle stump was worthy of adding to leg and off to make the three stump wicket we know today…. Chertsey CC was the venue of the first away game of the Pears Dev squad. We love our historical trivia!
Scorchio weather and the ever present groupies – Jonathan George and his offspring – witnessed a performance that saw the Pears hit the Chertsey Middle stump 4 times in a sterling bowling performance…..but alas…
Winning the toss – Rousham Snr – decided a change in tactic was worthy in a match that had been decreed as 35overs a side. We would bat first, with the Skipper believing his calming presence in partnering his elder son at the top of the order, would deliver the results. 8 swipes and 6 runs later, the skipper walked the lonely walk back to the pavilion with his elder son hanging his head in shame. Our hero of week one – Jon L – strode to the crease, and just as quickly strode back again…. Roush Jnr No2 came in and thankfully restored a bit of order getting the scoreboard ticking over until both Ollie and Will went to straight bowling from the Chertsey youth. The Lewis family then came together and showed us what responsible batting looks like. Tim with power, and Alex with touch put on a good partnership combining for a total of 46 before succumbing to some low bounce. Max K then hit a belting double, before getting caught in an attempt to push the scoreboard on. Finally Andy, Simon and James all scored teens to give our 35 over total of 137 for 9, a respectable look. John M did not get to the wicket, but has a promised position up the order vs the Church next week, if his thigh strain improves! Shot of the match – straight six from Simon C….awesome strike.
Total 137 for 9
Batting stats:
Rousham D 6, Rousham O 8, Lambert J 0, Rousham W 11, Lewis T 30, Lewis A 16, Knowles M 2, March J 16no, Clifton S 13, Southan A 15, Monday J DNB.
Sadly the Chertsey team were a bit stronger in most areas, and knocked off the score after 23 overs. Our youngsters were the only wicket takers with Rousham brothers sharing 4, and Alex L getting a middle stumper!
Bowling stats:
Rousham W  4 overs, 25 runs, 2wkts
Knowles M 3/17/0
Lambert J 3/23/0
Monday J 2/21/0
Lewis A 3/25/1
Rousham O 3/25/2
Lewis T 2/8/0
March J 2/16/0
Clifton 0.2/5/0
Chertsey finished on 141 – 5 …… But the Pears gave a good account for themselves and enjoyed supping an ale or two afterwards in the surrounds of a great clubhouse sporting the middle stump with pride.
MVPs: Tim and Alex Lewis – for getting the match back on track with their middle order batting.
David Rousham

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