April Work Day

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A huge thank you to those volunteers who gave up part of last weekend to get the Cricket Club ready for the new season.

A massive amount of work was completed:

The Club House hall was given two new coats of paint and the windows and loos given a thorough cleaning.

The bar has been stocked, ready for thirsty customers.

The sheds and scorebox have been cleaned out and reorganised.

Outdoors, the patio was weeded, the BBQ has been overhauled and cleaned and the sightscreens repaired.

The nets have been set up, both they and the Astro have been brushed clear of moss. The pitch was well and truly rolled, cleared of rubbish and the wild areas were strimmed.

All in all, it was a fantastic effort, so many thanks to everyone involved. We’re in fantastic shape now to start the new season.

There are however a few jobs still to be completed:

1 A small area of flooring in the gents toilets to be re-laid
2 Some tiling in the kitchen where some tiles have come away
3 Door to colts hut to be reinforced.

If anyone knows of someone with the relevant skills who might be prepared to tackle any of these, please contact Roger Reed.

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