Pears Dev XI vs. Byfleet

DNL310515A sensational start to the Pears Development XI season proper. A very narrow defeat, but what spirit and flair was on show!
An overcast Pyrford with intermittent morning showers transformed into a glorious afternoon befitting the Pears debut performance. Despite being unavailable to play, JG put in a sterling display of scoring and general support. This Pears team is getting used to overcoming basic lack of skills with determination and a style that can only be described as Pyrford Calypso.
Byfleet turned up with imports from Hampshire, and a good few colts that matched our younger generation of Ross Wheeldon, Sam Clifton and Ollie Rousham…. The youngsters had an even battle against Byfleets’ colts, so it was up to the adults to make up the difference. Could we?!?
1st innings Pyrford bowling stats:
In the tradition that is being set at the club, everyone who wanted a bowl got a bowl… This combined with some great fielding limited the opposition to 178/9 from the designated 30 overs, with one of their batsmen kindly retiring on 69… The Clifton’s took a catch each, Andy, behind the stumps, took two great edges and I think JP and Jon L took a catch a piece too…. Some body on the line sliding boundary fielding from Ross and Steve saved a number of runs, but probably wrecked their bodies…
Bowling figures were:
James 2-37 off 6
Jon L 2-21 off 5
Steve 2-19 off 4
Ross 1-19 off 4
Sam 0-15 off 2
John M 0-24 off 2
JP 0-15 off 2
Dave 1-12 off 3
Ollie 1-3 off 2
1st innings Pyrford batting stats:
Steve Tipping (4) hooked ball one for a four, boding good fortune to come…..sadly five balls later he was bowled middle stump…..his opening partner JP (0)survived the golden duck…just before being caught low down at slip. Then came the outstanding partnership of the innings James F and Jon L, combined in a 70 run partnership before Jon was run out for 48….with James following on for 29 from a good catch at square leg. Then came a couple of father/son combos, with the Clifton’s combining to offer a total of 1 to the score book – importantly the father got the one run! And the Rousham’s combining muscle (father) with technique (son) to add 43, with Ollie contributing the lion’s share – 29. After that despite some good smiles the rest of the tail could only muster a few more runs with John M (2), Andy S (2) and Ross W (1no). The total being 150 all out, and 28 short of the target.
Bowling MVPs were Steve and Ollie, and batting MVPs were Jon L, James and Ollie. But the whole team played brilliantly to compete so well against a team made up of 6 adults who regularly play for Byfleet’s Saturday league sides – proving that we can be the match of any local club.
David Rousham

U9 WSYCL League vs. Windsor

Date: 10th May 2015


Ollie George (Capt.)
William Hargreaves
Jack Josse
Mikey van Rensburg
Oliver Mantell
Christopher Batten
Christian Challis
Oscar Balsdon

A strong Windsor Team simply ‘out-gunned’ us with both bat and ball.

The Windsor opening bowler bowled straight as an arrow and rattled the stumps three times in the first over and we never really recovered from that. Windsor had five very good strike bowlers and as they had elected to nominate one constant wicket keeper, some of these bowlers got three overs each. When we did eventually get the ball off the wicket it was often in the air and Windsor took all their catches well so we were always two steps forward and three back throughout our innings. Hitting only 2boundaries in the entire innings so we never really got on the front foot. In the end we gave up our wicket just too many times to mount a score and only got ahead of our starting score toward the end, finishing on 234 for 10.

Communication between the wickets was excellent with every player calling loudly and no suicidal run outs. Ollie G and Oliver M played good attacking shots and scored boundaries each but also knew when to drop a dead bat on the ball in the face of accurate bowling. Everyone got the ball off the square at some stage so all players were engaged in the contest.

In the field Windsor looked in control from the start despite an early wicket from Mikey coming off his long run. William’s looping right arm around the wicket was accurate and they had problems with the bounce he created (is he going to be a good leggy one day?!). Our backing up was good for the first few overs but deteriorated a little when Windsor starting getting in the driving seat. Again they had five batsman who looked composed and accomplished who knew how to wait to pick off the bad balls. There last pairing took the game away with some effortless big boundaries, ending up with a score of 309 for 4.

As the result of the game was beyond us as entered the last few overs. All eight Pryford team members got a couple of overs each to help with their personal development with the ‘developing’ bowlers all improving in their second over.

In the post match team de-brief, the players recognised that their communication was good on the day and that they had not lost the game through their own indiscipline – they had just come across a stronger side on the day who took wickets with accurate bowling.


Runs Wickets Extras Total
Ollie/William 15 6 6 -3
Oscar/Jack 12 2 6 10
Mikey/Christian 8 2 14 14
Oliver/Christopher 11 1 6 13


Overs Runs Wickets Extras Total
Ollie 2 3 2 6 1
Mikey 2 6 1 4 6
OliverM 2 13 4 17
Christian 2 19 8 27
William 2 6 1 0 2
Oscar 2 15 4 19
Jack 2 17 0 0 17
Christopher 2 8 12 20

U9 – Gladys Chitty League vs. Frimley

IMG_0625Date: 26th April 2015

The U9’s team of:

Ollie George (Capt.)
Mikey van Rensburg
Joss Tipping
Charlotte Lambert
Adelaide Patience
Morgan Oxborough
Dominic Hurry
Christian Challis

made the trip to Frimley on Sunday for the opening fixture of the season on what was a rather cold and damp morning.

Ollie won the toss and put the opposition in.

Some tight bowling, excellent fielding meant that after the first two pairs Frimley had scored a nett single run. The last two pairs got off to a better start and we need to be sure to work on backing up the incoming throw.

Chasing just 222 this was our game to lose and each pair made a positive contribution to the total as Pyrford cruised to victory totalling 266 for the loss of only 5 wickets.


Overs Runs Wickets Extras Total
Charlotte 3 1 3 8 -3
Mikey 2 6 3 0 -6
Christian 2 3 0 10 13
Joss 2 2 1 6 4
Ollie 2 0 2 0 -8
Morgan 1 1 0 4 5
Dominic 2 7 1 4 7
Adelaide 2 4 0 6 10


Runs Wickets Extras Total
Adelaide/Charlotte 2 1 10 8
Joss/Christian 0 1 14 10
Mikey/Morgan 17 1 8 21
Ollie/Dominic 29 2 6 27


Pyrford U8’s vs Epsom CC


Match Report Pyrford U8’s vs Epsom CC
held at  West Byfleet school [Photo courtesy of Mark]


With the first challenge of actually getting through the gate successfully negotiated captain Ollie won the toss and decided that we ‘would have a bowl’.

On an outfield which had been recently mowed and which contained some significant piles of cut grass [which proved a bit of a distraction for some!] we got underway with two tight overs from the two Oliver’s. Harry and Harriet followed up with encouraging overs and we managed a run out off the last ball of Harriet’s over.

Honours even after 4 overs with Epsom on 217 for 1.


The next Epsom pair faced the awesome fire power of Jack, Morgan, Harry [again] and Joss.  Again, honours even with 15 runs scored for the loss of one wicket.

235 for 2 after 8 overs. A score of 60-70 appeared to be on the cards at this point.


Things started to move in our direction in the next spell with Mikey, Jack and the two Oliver’s conceding just 8 runs off the next 4 overs. Super bowling by Mikey,

Ollie and Ollie at the death resulted in FIVE wickets for the loss of 9 runs.  Epsom reduced to a modest 233 for 7 from their 16 overs.


Now whilst winning is not everything  I am not one for squandering an advantage! This game was very definitely ours to lose. Each of our batting pairs was given a specific part to play in securing a victory. Step up openers Morgan and Harriet. Job: “Don’t get out and milk the wides and no balls!” Result 22 runs [all extras] with out losing a wicket] Fantastic! After 4 overs 22 without loss.


Jack and Joss were next to the crease. Job: Don’t get out and take a few runs if they are available. First ball to Joss rips past her off stump by a whisker. The next is an in-swinging Yorker destined to

knock the stumps into the recreation ground next door. But calm as you like Joss just drops her bat and squeezes it out. After their 4 overs we were on a relatively comfortable 238 for 0.


As the batting side loses runs for each wicket lost it was still possible for us to lose but looking at Mikey and Harry as they prowled to the crease this didn’t look likely. Their brief was to look to try to build the score. Some nice singles which would have run for 4 on an outfield without so much cut grass and a few extras took us on to 253 again without loss.


Final pair of Oliver and Ollie G had a simple task. “Fill your boots without being reckless!” 27 runs later [including 3 fours] they retired leaving us with a very convincing 280 without loss of a single wicket.


Result Pyrford win by 47 runs.


As always I was very happy with the performance, particularly the way they boys and girls meshed together. A very good result but more importantly they all seemed to have fun.

Man or woman of the match is a hard call. Mikey’s bowling [3-0 -8-3] was outstanding. Oliver M’s economy was excellent [3-1-3-2] with  no extras conceded. Great batting from Ollie G.

However, the joint award this week goes to Morgan and Harriet for their disciplined opening batting partnership which set the tone for the innings and got us off to such a good start.


Stats for those [dads] who like this sort of thing! Mum’s you can stop reading ….assuming you started in the first place.




Overs                    Maidens              Runs conceded                 Extras conceded               Wickets


Oliver M                                               3                              1                              3               0                                              2                  Excellent figures.

Ollie G                                                   3                              0                              7              4                                              0               Economical

Harry                                                     2                              1                              0               8                                              1              Very good wicket maiden

Harriet                                                  1                              0                              0               6                                              1              Very promising

Jack                                                        2                              0                              1              8                                              0              Very good second over

Morgan                                                1                              0                              0                8                                              0               First ball was excellent and every ball was straight.

Joss                                                        1                              0                              1                6                                              0              Encouraging start. Keep that bowling arm straight!

Mikey                                                   3                              0                              4                 4                                              3              Match winning figures!




Runs                      Extras                    Wickets                   Total


Morgan/ Harriett                             0                              22                           0                                  22


Jack / Joss                                           4                              12                           0                                 16


Mikey / Harry                                    3                              12                           0                                    15


Ollie G / Oliver                                   20                           17                           0                                    27